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interior of modern community

The GlintTeam of Janitorial Technicians assign to communities, are chosen for their many years of experience working in large, luxury communities and hotels.

When it comes to communities, understanding all of the share spaces of the residential and the business communities and their interior and exterior spaces is just the beginning.

With COVID-19 as a main focus of concern, a scheduled frequency for sanitizing is an integrated part of our cleaning routine.

Office Mopping


The GlintTeam of experienced Office Cleaning Professionals are focus on keeping your office clean and disinfected to keep your business productive and your employees healthy.

With COVID-19 on everyone's mind, we have integrated a high level of sanitizing program in our office cleaning routine.

We prepare customized Proposals to meet your weekly or daily cleaning services and to meet your budget needs.

Fashion Store


When it comes to retail stores, presentation is everything.  The image of your store invites your customers in.

The Retail Glint Team of professionals are specialized in sanitizing your space.  Making your store a head turner.

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